Septic Pumping

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In areas where city sewer is not available, and where soil conditions permit, septic systems are installed to manage waste water collection. Pro Services installs underground piping, tanks, pumps, and grinders where necessary to build healthy, functioning septic systems. Many of the smaller communities across central Alabama, including Bessemer, Hoover, McCalla, Hueytown, Pelham, and Alabaster, have homes that are primarily served by septic systems. We service underground systems, pumps and grinders, and provide septic tank pumping on a regular schedule or as needed.

Septic System Installation: Septic systems are usually composed of a holding tank and a drainage field, installed in soils that pass a perch test - meaning that the soils will support the drainage necessary to filter and clean water released from the septic system holding tank. Septic systems can work with gravity flows, but where that isn't possible a pump is also required.

Septic Tank Pumping: Although most waste will biodegrade and eventually filter out through the porous piping to the surrounding soils where it is filtered, septic tanks will accumulate some waste that cannot be eliminated in this way. Septic tanks do need to be pumped out occasionally. We provide pumping services, either on a regular basis or as needed.

Septic Pump and Piping Repair: Septic piping can be damaged by heavy equipment, installation of a storage building, play equipment, roots from surrounding trees, or other unusual activities in the area. When that happens, a system can fail. We will repair or replace lines and pumps when you need them.

Septic Tank Service: In some systems, algae blooms may require additional servicing. We handle all your septic service needs. If you need a new septic system installed, or need your existing septic system pumped or repaired, give Pro Services a call.